Friday, June 5, 2020

Building weeks - Ecor - Festool to the rescue

Usually we report daily during our building weeks - so while set students are busy Dr. Bucky Lab is running around armed with his camera and tries to capture our students at work. Now with every team member separated at their own house this is not possible.

The students are busy at their kitchen table and we are using cardboard instead of plywood to build our models. In general this works great and we see more models and concepts as usual. the smaller scale also makes it easier and faster to test the concepts.

But there are also limitations, when precision is needed the bigger tools and different materials do the job better, to solve that problem Marcel decided to test theses more difficult details at home and shares his experiences with the students via video, slack channel and zoom sessions.

Up to now this works well and as usual whenever we run into issues where we need another tool our friends from festool comes to the rescue. Frans usually joins on day one to give a proper introduction together with Maarten and Marcel - sad that we can't do it that way this time - but his support remains
and when Dr. Bucky Lab needed a bigger domino router Frans came to the rescue.

Here what we are testing now, in its raw edited form - quite funny especially to see that mistakes are there to be made and to learn from that ...