Tuesday, June 2, 2020

what are our students up to - today Maryia Virshych

Every now and then I am contacted from former students, its always a pleasure to see what they are up to - especially if its a long time ago.

This time I have been contacted from Mariya Virshych who joined the Indesem Design Week in Delft we joined back then with the Bucky Lab. I was curious what she was doing now and it turned out to be worth sharing.

Mariya started a new company based in Barcelona called Virmary and thats what she told me:

"Virmary is a brand of hand crafted ceramic home objects and jewellery. The collection is designed and made by hand by me in small sustainable editions. Each item is created from scratch, so that not two are the same, every piece is quite unique. Sustainability is guiding my every choice, from the source materials and processes to packaging. I like to think of these objects as precious gifts, acts of care for a dear friend, loved one or yourself.

This is a new and exciting endeavour. I feel confident about the product, it’s delivery and experience. The most challenging part, however, is to make people aware of it."

I would say this blog is already a good place to share the products have a look on her website, maybe you already like what you see and order one or the other item as a gift for a beloved one, I think in these times we have to support smaller businesses especially. If you need something special she is also able to take care of special desires!

Look for vir.mary on Instagram if you like to follow her journey

here a couple of pictures Maryia shared