Friday, April 5, 2013


Its unbelieveable we have done it !

After just four days ( 3 1/3 to be honest, due to the fact that we had a lot of theory on the first day ) we have finished the FESTOOL TOOLHOUSE. With enthusiasm, passion, the eye for detail and the best tools in the world we made the impossible possible.

After every meeting our student assistant Coen Kampinga had with festools chief of training Frans van Dijk in the last month he came back with more and more ideas and details of the toolshouse. What started as a small idea to build something to visualize the use of festools tools in a more practical related way ended in a full pavillion to demonstrate all kind of crafts and circumstances. "Use as many tools as possible, we would like to show on every corner something different you are able to master with our assortiment", was the eager and challenging demand of our bucky lab partner.

Having such a big project we all visualized that it would be tricky to complete it just within 4 days. The idea of the toolshouse included already to invite other schools to build part of the house later, so we agreed to start with the skelett and see how far we are able to come...Coen skipped the idea directly and throwed 80 plans on the table and had prepared the whole thing in a way it was easy to build in modules and in steps piece by piece. Due to his perfect preparation, the unstoppable effort of the students and the excellent support of knowledge and tools from festool the project was possible in this short time. Thanks especially to Frans and Koen !

While most of the team was busy in the demo room to assemble the toolhouse, adding some paint, and finishing all the different details, including even a roof window, a few were busy preparing the last bits and pieces and send them down. We even have a new box for our sewing machine and for our scrap wood !

Dr. Bucky Lab and Frans were busy to mill handrail profiles for the balcony and had to admit by themself that on paper it looked easier in first place ...but at the end, it looked perfectly and even the T-Lock closing piece that will sit as a crone on top of the house to make the whole pavillion like a homage on festools systainer transport boxes was finished in an blinck of an eye and some rough 24 grid sanding job ( 24 grid ...thats havy stuff, the street outside is smoother !)

At 17.00 its was done, the workshop already cleaned, the boxes nearly packed and we took the time to have a group picture in front of our masterpiece. After some grateful words and compliments from Frans and Marcel we had a borrel ( the dutch word for a small gathering with snacks and be honest it was a party !) with bitterballen and other goodies out of the deep fryer and a bottle of champagne to celebrate their success.

The day ended bucky lab style with forklift training and some fun in the warehouse, but have a look, we dont want to tell too much ...Today was crazy Friday, so we handed over the camera to the students, here the best of it and our appologies of a different view today, details will follow the next days :

Just beeing called from Coen ...yes the pictures will follow ...there are so much ...! 
finally here they are ...