Monday, May 19, 2014

Building weeks Day 1 - a perfect start

Day one, and after a perfect sunny weekend the sun did not stop today. Within a record time of about 45 minutes (we always measure the time till the table saw runs for its first time …) the workshop was ready. 

A short while later, Frans from festool arrived and we started the Intro from our workshop and the tools. In the beginning we try to give an overview of what is possible within the workshop and what we have in the boxes. Next to safety we also try to share some secrets of the trade and show how its done. 

Some of the students already watched the youtube videos from Festool in which Frans introduced the different possibilities of the tools and already got familiar with our favourite trainer. So good to have him live in the tent and therefore he also got the best place of the workshop - in the sun underneath our small Romazo Pavilion. 

Dr. Bucky Lab donated a fridge and we got a coffee machine from Sodexo for the time out in the tent, so the catering is also set. 

At the end of our circle training, the students directly started to rip the plywood plates into pieces and start building. Its always amazing for us and the professionals from festool how fast our students get used to the machines, thats really learning by doing ! 

Keep fingers crossed that the weather will stay that fine, due to a new fabric on the tent its quite dark inside therefore we love to work outside…

Here some impressions of the first day