Tuesday, April 26, 2016

LTH - Day 2

Our students started highly motivated into the day, and very quickly we were able to see the models growing.  Most of the students had never build a working prototype before and you could read from their faces that they are enjoying to work in the workshop.

Honestly Marcel also enjoyed working in such an environment, where everything seems to invite you to test and try. Its one of these moments of magic where you talk to a student before lunch to make a cookie cutter out of strips of steel, if there is a point welder somewhere to find...and then after the lunch ( did we already mentioned that lunch is great in Lund ? We will for sure later ..) we saw some sparks coming out of a room, entered it and found a friendly girl tig welding steel sheets. Oh cool, ah hi, do you ah know if ahem ...have a point welder ? Yes of course, we have this big one here, but come around here we have a smaller one ...great, can I use it ? Of course, give me a sign if you need help ...so a couple of minutes later our Dr. Bucky Lab was point welding some strips and lucky to tell his students the good news ...

Its so great when everything is available and easy to acces ...
Later that day Marcel also gave a lecture about the Bucky Lab and a couple of the projects made in Delft.

Here some impressions of the day: