Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Day3 - panic running out of coffee

its amazing watching our students mastering so many different production technologies. If you walk into the tent or the hall of our faculty you are able to see threads been cutted, wood been milled, steel been cutted, fabric sewn or parts been 3D printed.

Subtractive technologies work hand in hand with additive technologies, here the saw is taking out, here the 3D printer is used to bring the parts together. While there was only one known technique in the beginning the students now get creative to make the best out of the tools. Aaron our 3D printer expert is troubleshooting all day long and everyone is happy about the results.

The Dickson fabric arrived already a couple of days before and now you can see in every corner pieces taking shape, the BBQ and oven are used to form recycled plastic and the smell of the charcoal
already feels like end of the building weeks ...

Disaster hits at 16.54 : we ran out of coffee, we will hope to fix that tomorrow ...