Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Summer School Day 3 - Professor Bać

Our last day in the studio. After 6 days of design and engineering phase we will move forward to the building phase. After a lovely lunch which is served from a local catering who surprise us every day with culinary treats we made sure everything is included in our construction details that we will need to build the 5 different concepts from tomorrow on.

Next to the 4 different living units we designed we will also build one cardboard house which is based on the concept of Jerzy who joined a competition with this design. As part of his phd study this project would be the last step to finally close his research. A few students already build a wonderful scale model of the cardboard house with some help of an professional model builder and we all hope that the real house will look as beautiful as this model.

Today we also met the head of international office and Professor Bać, which is not only with the age of 86 year the oldest professor of the university and still busy supporting his students but also the promotor of Jerzies phd next to our Professor Eeckhout.

At the end of the day we cleaned up the mess we did and put the coffee machine back in his box, tomorrow we will need in in the workshop.