Thursday, August 11, 2016

Summer School Day 5 - Pizza & Pivo

Day 5 and already the 3rd day in the workshop. While the students were a bit insecure using the tools in the first day, today we were able to see everyone working on their prototypes like they have worked already for months in the workshop.

While the foundation of the cardboard house grows outside in the sun, inside the hall the other groups were busy with their projects.

Every now and then a camera team showed up and while one team is making a film about the summer school another team was visiting us already on the first day to show our activities building with cardboard and what a surprise this was already shown on regional and today on national television,
have a look here  on minute 10.53 our part is visible.

At the end of the day we took the bus and visited an interesting exhibition from former colleagues from Jerzy who worked in Moscow in the Strelka Institute, and started a research project about polish churches.

Izabela CichoĊ„ska and Kuba Snopek gave our group an insight about their project and explained the unbelievable activities of the polish Catholics who builded over 3500 churches after the end of the 2nd World War, all without permission of the Communists.

Have a look on their website to see the variety of churches that found their way into the database that is created as a crowd source project. Whenever you come across the exhibition "Architecture of the 7th day" have a looks, its very interesting !

We closed the day with Pizza and Pivo in the park !