Friday, July 28, 2017

Day 13 - Press conference - Final

We made it ...after a long night the day before we cleaned the hall and moved the projects towards the light to welcome the press ...

and they came in big numbers - honestly totally surprised how many people actually came, the dean, the vice dean, the rector many people from the university, sponsors and many members of the national press from print, radio but also television.

Every project group was able to introduce and show their projects after a nice set of speeches from the dean and Jerzy, Magda from vectorworks and myself. I got short translations from the students to keep up date but knew after my name was noticed and a big applause that everyone was happy about my contributions - honestly this time was wonderful. While being constantly busy and the students had one project each I had 5 - but I loved it and the groups surprised me about the dedication and effort they put into their projects.

Sometimes I am asked what I do : I bring a truckload of tools, help to design a project, then I support them building it by their own and in between I take a few pictures of them while doing it ...but honestly its not about the tools, or about the projects, its all about the process and the things you learn by beeing emerged into the process of making. What happens in between is what creates the magic for me. I made 28+ friends, people I was able to work with, having a coffee, enjoying lunch together and able to discuss many different topics. Moments I will always remember, faces I will not forget and moments that also make wonderful stories afterwards.

While looking back to the pictures I made I found myself smiling and remembering all these moments. The pride I see in all of the students faces and people looking at the projects make me feel like a superhero - owning the superpower to make people proud and smiling - I love my job, I love the city of Wroclaw and I love my students. This was a wonderful time - sometimes physically demanding sometimes also emotionally a rollercoaster - I will always remember this wonderful time with all of you ! Thanks for having me.

Hope to see you soon, or at least on Facebook

I will share more content here later but this is for now the official final !