Thursday, December 21, 2017

Day 9 - Party

Day 9 - we are done !

We stopped at 15.00  just an hour after  the "everything is possible hour" in which cricket bats were build, little gifts for the beloved ones were hand crafted and other last minute touches were made...

then a short cricket match and our borrel started, filled with hot dogs, baguette, humus and beer we ended the party in our beloved 015 loods and continued the party at our faculty were the dean started the christmas party also ...thanks to BOUT for helping ...

To sum it up ...this was an intense period, with a group of 72 it was for sure not easy, but with the help of Hans and Frans from festool and Aaron, Casper, Maarten and Boris we managed to tame the groups and together we build amazing projects.

Thanks to the students for their passion, fun, dedication and also their patience, we hope everyone had a great time - now we will rest to finish the semester strong.

As much as I need some rest I will miss you !
All the best for the new year and a great time with your friends and family during the holidays !

tomorrow we will clean up the mess, no more pictures ...