Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Beijing Summerschool Day 6

with cutting keylock openings all day yesterday and also today our shared locker group was able to finish their 14 modules and the elements worked out great. The big sitting thing ( still looking for a name ) is also finished and only needed a couple of finishing touches.

Our lantern group spent a lot of time on preparing the plexiglass sheets for the reflectors and also this project comes to life. The last project is the magic sliding wall - all components cut and prepared bow its only a matter of assembling it - and hopefully we don't have problems getting all the projects out of the basement tomorrow

Beijing Summerschool Day 5

In the workshop again, the students really got used to the tools and operate them with confidence.
The projects evolve quite rapidly and you may already see a few things if you look at the pictures.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Beijing Summerschool Day 4

Our first day in the workshop and after a short intro we all got to work ...safety is our biggest concern and the workshop is not really used to work with plywood so we had to jump in more often than usual in order to help the students handle their projects.

Just after the end of the day we already piled up a bunch of wooden sheets and everyone was amazed about the progress we had made.

Everything went smooth and with the help of 3 trainers from the workshop also a bit easier than usual to keep an eye on the students.

Have a look

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Beijing Summerschool Day 3

our last day in the studio, so lots of things on our to do list. We had to finish the design,  draw the construction details and had to create the cutting plans for our plywood.

What are we going to build ? 4 projects in total, one magic wall that allows to relax and meet, a modular sitting sculpture, a shared locker that can be used also as a furniture to relax and meet and a lantern that will guide you through the dark nights of the Hutong.

After lunch Okan and Heran presented their former Bucky Lab projects to give the students an insight on our course and their experience last semester.

Was a very busy day but at the end we all had the feeling we are prepared for the next day to enter the workshop.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Beijing Summerschool Day 2

Blue sky and already the elevator pitch ...after a good start in the morning the students already presented their concepts and we were all impressed by the different and innovative ideas we have seen. After a short discussion and a voting round the students were able to define the best 4 projects and we had to say it was a good choice and we didn't had to interveen or make use of our veto rights.

After forming the groups we started the engineering phases and started to talk about the design vision the the criteria of their design in order to make this phase more efficient. We closed the evening with a good feeling and looking forward to the next day on which we will have to make the construction drawings - saturday we wil already start to build our concepts ...

Maybe we are able to share the concepts tomorrow, today was just way to busy ...so it was for Heran and Okan and as usual Mara

Bucky Lab Beijing Summerschool 2018

Here we go again, after a proper planning of Mara and Heran we have a second edition of the summerschool in Beijing. This time we also accompanied by Okan who already finished his Bucky Lab semester and is now able to help us here in China. \

This time we were able to find a wonderful equipped woodworkshop in the heart of the city very close to the forbidden city. And due to the fact that the chinese head of festool who we already met last year helped us to find a nice place this workshop is also a festool experience center ...

We couldn't have asked for more ...short before the registration deadline we had 23 chinese students enrolled and we all met today for the very first time in the workshop who also served the seminar room for our summerschool.

The program was tight and after an introduction of Dr. Bucky Lab we had an intro session from all the students - nicely mixed from engineers, architects to landscape architects ...and even a few highschool students who wil start their study of architecture after the summer.

After a lovely lunch and a side field trip into the local hutong our workshop is placed in we started to imagine the first concepts and talked about ideas in which way we are able to improve or contribute to the people of this neighborhood.

Here some first impressions of the first day. We already got some plywood and a first sneak peak into the workshop.

Our beloved Dr. Bucky Lab is still suffering from the enormous heat in the city and the high humidity but the great food and the enthusiasm of the students balance the climate issues he wants to let us know.