Friday, September 7, 2012


Today we had for the very first time a start up mini symposium within the bucky lab.Our cooperation partner ROMAZO the sectorgroup organisation for the dutch sun shading manufaturers and suppliers invited the whole bucky lab semester to Nieuwegein to held a sunshading mini symposium.

Getting first hand information about the different topics of sun shading was a very good start to think about innovative ideas within the semester for the students. 

After a short travel with the bus, the students arrived at the ROMAZO headquater in Nieuwegein in the Metalunie building. 

A second  breakfast with coffee and tea was a welcome surprize to get the first discussions about the first  concepts.

Martin Straver, head of ROMAZO gave an introduction about the organisation and lead through the program of the day. 


Prof. Dr. Hermans from the University of Leiden explained the physical background of light and thermal dynamics, he was also able to show some experiments and explained the influences of IR light. 

The members of Romazo already prepared a small exhibition around the lecture room and showed their products.

always nice...thanks for the warm welcome ! 

coffee break with some first discussions about the lectures.

Wouter Beck from Hunter Douglas explained external sunshades. 

Do we see the first concept sketches..? 

Evert Bos from Verosol explained internal solar shadings and showed the tricks how to shade also from the inside. 

perfect sunny weather and a lunch break outside. 

Klaas Jan Postma from Swela explained solar shading fabrics, quite impressive in how many ways your are able to treat a piece of fabric. 

Henk Altena from Verano showed some project samples including the Renzo Piano Highrise "the Shard" in London.

Marcel Bilow, Dr. Bucky Lab showed some bucky lab projects and ended the session ( as usual behing the camera ...some say he is camera shy ...) 

A huge variety of ROMAZO members brought product samples and the students had the chance to ask the experts during the mini sunshade fair. 

all members were quite impressed by the smart questions and interest of the students and had also some intersting internal discussions.


Martin Straver had a surprize at the end of the day for the bucky lab. Having a mobile workshop and talking about sun shading all day long he mentioned that we also need a little mobile sun shade ! He handed over a foldable evotent with the Romazo and bucky lab logo as a perfect start for the cooperation for the next years. What a lovely gift and a perfect addition to our mobile workshop. Thank you very much !

It was a perfect day, the weather already showed how nessesary a sun shade is and the students dived into the topic very fast, this will for sure not the last time we have a mini symposium like that.

Thanks to ROMAZO and his members for their hospitality and the great day!