Monday, February 5, 2024

Bucky Lab - Photoshooting

 Here we go ! ok a bit late but who would have thought the year starts that busy ... ok I am already drifting off topic ... 

Before we can finally present the projects we made this year we have to take a couple of good pictures of the great models and prototypes the students made. 

Usually we set up our mobile workshop in the orange Hall but over the years it appeared that people complained - having an endless stream of beautiful models, prototypes and well dressed students in front of an energetic photographer is way too distracting for many who passed by - not able to continue their work i the office again ( rumors state that the productivity on these days went down 37% ) ...

So to not harm these people and the faculties productivity anymore we moved to the Berlage Zaal, our beloved space for symposiums, meetings and events. I will miss the warm glow of the orange hall that radiates subconsciously from every picture, but we will try to do our very best to gain that positive vibe. 

 So in total we took 1736 pictures - stay tunes for the best of them ! 

 Here already a couple of Behind the Scenes pictures